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National Library of Nigeria, Kwara State Branch History

National Library of Nigeria Kwara State Branch started in 1980 at No. 2 Offa Road, Ilorin

Mr W. F. Adio was the pioneer Head of Branch.

Past Heads of Branch

Alhaji Abdul-Ganiyi, A. Adebimpe 1987

Eboh, J.O                                        1993

Mrs. Obada, A.M                           1996

Mrs. Balogun, A.M                         1997

Omotola, E.G                                 1998

Mohammed, S.A                            2001

Odeleye, S.O                                 2007

Ajayi, J.A                                       2010

Mrs. Olani, O.K                             2012
In 1996, the library was moved to Former SDP secretariat at Kulende Estate.

In 1984, a piece of land was allocated for the building of its prototype permanent structure by the Kwara State Government, which was revoked in 2004.

In 2006, the Branch was moved again, to pave way for the National Open University in Kwara State,  to its present location in the neighborhood of Kwara State Printing Corporation (The Herald premises) on Offa Road, G.R.A Ilorin, under the Headship of Mallam S. A. Mohammed.

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State Branches are branches of the National Library of Nigeria established in various states of the Federation. Their establishment was informed by the need to extend library and information services to all parts of the country in line with the National Library Decree No 29 of 1970, which establishes the institution a national depository and bibliographic agency. State branches render services directly to the public and liaise with publishers, other libraries and institution. They provide insights into the operations of the institution.

There is therefore, the need to pay great attention to the development of the branches in order to boost their operations and thus enhance the public image of the institution. The whole institution and the state branches in particular are faced with problems, which need to be addressed squarely. This will re-position them for a more effective and efficient service delivery in their areas of operations.

This paper therefore examines the functions of, and problems confronting the branches. It also proffers solutions as a way forward


                                          THE ROLE OF BOOKS AND LIBRARIES

                                               Presented by the Government of Britain


This paper outlines the major needs and problems as they appear in Britain. While the British Council, the Ministry of Overseas development and the leading British publishers between them have, through their work in the field, an extensive knowledge of the need for books and the problems of their production and distribution in developing countries: this knowledge cannot be complete without the active participation of the developing countries themselves. This paper consequently owes much to the leading paper on the provision of textbooks and other books presented at the Second Education Conference at Delhi 1961, and to the conclusions of the Third Conference at Ottawa in 1964